Physical Storytelling


Physical storytelling is a program of studies developed to help young students to discover their inner voice as an artist. Exploring performer physicality, text developed from personal biography or found text. We will discuss the rile of music / song in performance and how using a number of expressionistic art forms we can create something that is singular and unique to each individual.


At the beginning,  a two hour lecture demonstration which centre around the performance of "The Holiday "  (video extract). A fifteen minute real time piece exploring the notions of suicide and escapism. In an two hour lecture demonstration we will be exploring central question and the structure of the text, physical propositions, in terms of how the body's used in space. Taking popular art forms like body popping, and how it's function changes once introduced to story. Within the lecture, we discuss the role of music and it's profound effect on the performance. These principles will provide be the building- blocks for the structure of the masterclass.

The Purpose

The aim of the masterclass is that each student develops a piece of work around personal biography that incorporates physicality, text and song aiming to leave with discovery of their own voice.

The Final Breath

The overall learning objective is understanding the process  and creating multidisciplinary work for the stage, exploring personal narrative or found text. At the end of the program students share their work and take home something visionary that will support their journey.

Benji’s care for detail for his students was incomparable. His patience allowed each student to find their inner voice. You knew you were in a room with one of the best teachers in the field.

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