Choreo - Photolist Collection


There is dance in everything, but there is no dance without dramatic tension, and there is no image without soul. These are the substratum of the Choreo Photolist. Within these walls lay a playfulness of elements,  hearts in exploding backpacks, goldfish bowls as Astronaut helmets balloons as transportation. but the body in space has always been my weapon of choice my voice here I attempt to tell static stories that explore issue around mental heath, freedom and love of self. The aim is to create without boundaries,  slipping from the black dreamscape to the political.  

The Choreo Photolist is a photographic dance to the tune of our turbulent times. 


Portraits Collection


It was never my intention to become a photographer, I just wanted to remain creative while my theatre work was taking a turn for the worst. My survival technique if you will.

It all started by capturing my daughter and self portraits but slowly I realised a hidden dream I had created a mini theatre space in my own front room. 5 feet by 5 feet to be exact it space grew in diameter  as my vision became clear. A space of truly independent work where play not product was central all collborations. What kept me coming back to the simple portrait was the hidden stories, people would offer their deepest thoughts and feelings.  They opened up like the camera was some type of truth machine. So in time I understood that there is an intrinsic link between my theatre work and photography where the personal biography meets the magical a visual representation of something deeper. I have found that my sitters want to surrender/give themselves, they want to find a safe space to tell their stories. 

Many of my earlier work depicted artists screaming and crying. They mirrored my inner turmoil. It was all part of the process I just had to go through. So today what you see below is not so much our pain, but our beauty, our defiance, our existence. Each portrait is taken as if it was a piece of choreography, studied with the heart of a director, the soul of a dancer and the eye of a image maker. This is where the name Choreo-photolist grew out of.